HARMAN, W.Va.- Several communities in West Virginia’s eastern mountain counties were hit with flooding  over the weekend.

“I was actually sleeping through when it was flooding and then we came down in the morning and it was a huge mess down here,” explained Abigail White of Harman.

The community of Harman was hit with flash flooding Saturday night and Sunday morning.

“We knew we were going to have sever thunderstorms because they said it on the TV but in a matter of two and half to three hours it was a nightmare,” said Donald Smith, Harman resident.

This weekend’s storms caused several road closures throughout Randolph County including the bridge over Horse Camp Creek.

The Harman Fire House and Harman School also flooded.

“We are working as hard as we can. Everyone is working hard and thing it is going to come together quick,” said Kevin Chewning, Director of Randolph Co. School Facilities.

Volunteers have shown up in full force to get the community back up and running.  

“It makes you proud. People rally together in times of need. Construction crews have volunteered their time to clean the debris out of the outside. It’s coming really nice quick. It’s really good how the community has pulled together,” said Chewning. 

The National Guard, American Red Cross, and local emergency officials are working together to assess the damage. 

“People always come and rise to the occasion to help others out in need. It’s just the West Virginia way,” said Patty Teter, Harman resident.

As of Monday morning, some residents were still trapped because of washed out bridges and other damage in the storm zone. The storm response was being coordinated through the West Virginia Emergency Operations Center.