304 Today: Broad Street Church breast cancer awareness

For 29 years, Broad Street United Methodist Church in Lewis County has held a luncheon to promote advocacy and awareness for breast cancer early detection.

Chiefs fan’s mom defends son after critics call him …

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A young Kansas City Chiefs fan is being accused by some of being racist against Black and Native Americans for painting his face black and red while wearing a native headdress to a football game. Now, his mother is defending him, claiming he is of Native American descent.

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STEAM TAC aims to inspire students in West Virginia

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The West Virginia STEAM Technical Assistance Center is looking to help students connect their curriculum with real-world scenarios so they can see how the things they learn contribute to the workforce.

Is buying organic worth the price? Morning in America

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With grocery prices rising, you may be wondering when it's worth paying extra for organic food. One nutritionist breaks down the best buys for organic food and when you can skip paying extra. #food #nutrition #organic

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