304 Today: Heroes 4 Higher with West Virginia Batman

Lauren talks with Batman (John Buckland) as he visits schools in the north central West Virginia area.

Panda Express employees punched, stabbed over food …

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A man is accused of stabbing and punching Panda Express employees over the quality of his food. The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has charged Phillip Person, 33, with felony assault and weapons charges.

Bighorn sheep rescued from Boulder roof

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A bighorn sheep was stuck on a roof in Boulder on Tuesday, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife has rescued the animal.

Kids enjoy pictures, cocoa and cookies with Santa …

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Children and their families were able to enjoy an afternoon of holiday cheer, cookies and hot cocoa with Santa Claus in Morgantown at the Erikson Alumni Center.

States with the Highest Average Student Debt

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Degree Choices analyzed data from the Office of Federal Student Aid to break down the states with the highest average student debt.

Northern lights: What causes them?

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How the sun creates the dazzling, colorful displays that light up our night sky.

Which states have the worst drivers?

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The title of worst drivers can depend on how you define bad driving. Here's what a few recent studies have found.

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