CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Since the new year, north central West Virginia has seen more than a few days with snow falling from the sky. Most notably, this past week a storm dropped anywhere from 6 inches to just over a foot of snow in some areas. This weekend it appears that we will once more be threatened with a storm. How it will exactly affect our area has yet to be determined.

Early on this week, the potential for a significant storm Sunday was noted by many models. However, since then there have been challenges in determining what this storm exactly will do. There are a few scenarios that could still happen once this hits.


The first is little to no snowfall. The storm tracks farther to the south and east giving us maybe an inch or two. Possibly more towards the higher elevations. Any heavy snow is far away from us.


The second being significant snowfall overall. The storm center tracks over central Virginia. and North Carolina. This allows our area, both highlands and lowlands to get hit with plowable snow.


Mixed snowfall is the third and most complicated situation. The storm tracks westward and we have some mixed precipitation initially followed up by snow. Additionally, the system near us weakens while another develops towards the east. Warmer air is funneled into the system reducing the amount of snowfall the system has for us.

Only time will tell which scenario will win out, but we will keep you updated as Sunday gets closer.

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