CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Get the winter gear out and ready, some serious cold is on the way into north-central West Virginia.

Low temperatures are expected to reach the single digits Friday morning across the region, but in the mountains, it could feel even colder thanks to the wind chill.

Wind chill values will be all below zero Friday morning. In pockets and hollers in the higher elevations, even colder conditions are expected.

A Wind Chill Advisory is in effect for western Grant, eastern Tucker, Pendleton, southeastern Randolph, northwestern Pocahontas, and western Greenbrier counties through 10 AM Friday morning. Wind chills could feel like 10 to 25 below zero and could result in frostbite and hypothermia if proper precautions are not taken.

During these dangerous conditions, make sure to look out for the 3 P’s – people, pets, and pipes.

In terms of pets, make sure to reduce time outside and watch their paws. Furry friends can also get frostbite and hypothermia. If your pets or livestock are outdoor-based, make sure that they have adequate shelter like a barn or doghouse with insulation if possible.

In terms of pipes, cover up the pipes to prevent them from bursting. Some faucets may need to be kept dripping to prevent freezing.

In terms of people, make sure to check on your friends, neighbors, children, family, and elderly. Ensure that people have working heating and furnaces.

Because of this dangerous cold, make sure to take extra caution on the Friday morning commute by driving slow on these potentially icy and slick roads; taking time to warm up the car, pumping the brakes on ice, leaving plenty of following distance, and having your headlights on are just a few helpful hints to assist you.

Make sure to dress appropriately as well as have an emergency kit with a charged cell phone just in case you get stuck or in an accident. Temperatures are expected to stay like this in the mornings through at least the weekend so make sure that you are adequately prepared.

Morning low temperatures are expected to be 20 degrees or lower through the end of next week.

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