CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – After several inches of snow came across north-central West Virginia, frigid temperatures are on the way for our weekend.

Saturday morning will start off in the single digits for most of north-central West Virginia. Because of a gusty wind out of the northwest, temperatures will likely feel below zero all day long Saturday.

Temperatures aren’t going to be much warmer as the day progresses Saturday, even with plenty of sunshine expected.

Highs will be scraping the 20s Saturday as flakes linger in the mountains.

More clouds and flurry chances are with us Sunday as temperatures will be significantly warmer, near freezing.

Things will be even colder in the mountains.

Snow shower chances continue to build Sunday afternoon and evening after lingering snowflakes Saturday morning.

The combination of the snow and cold will cause plenty of slick roadways throughout the region all weekend long. Make sure to drive slowly when necessary, and take plenty of extra time when hitting the roads.


Watch out for fellow humans by checking in on friends and family, making sure everyone is hydrated and warm, and to make sure your furnaces and heating systems are working properly. Also, cover up pipes to prevent them from bursting; even dripping faucets during this frigid and frosty weather could help prevent burst pipes.

It is also a good idea to watch out for our furry friends.

Make sure to reduce your furry friends’ time outside as they could get frostbite and hypothermia, just like humans. Smaller and short-hair animals get colder easily so make sure they have plenty of blankets. Hydration is also key for pets and livestock; check the barns to make sure the livestock have proper insulation and water sources.