CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — We’ve had a nice break from the mugginess but we will soon get a feel of what most of the central United States is experiencing. The sweltering heat will be felt in West Virginia on Thursday and Friday. With that may also come the possibility of active weather.

“Heat dome” out west affecting most of the U.S. – WBOY Image

For the past couple of weeks an area of high pressure or what some have referred to as a “heat dome” has been centered in the United States. With that, some scorching temperatures and unbearable humidity have been felt in those regions. According to NOAA a “heat dome” occurs when high pressure traps hot ocean air like a lid or a cap.

Excessive Heat Watches have been issued for the western counties in our viewing area with the potential for heat index values exceeding 105 degrees on Thursday. Meanwhile, other areas may not reach those numbers but it still will feel unbearable with dew points in the 70s with temperatures topping out in the upper 80s and low 90s. Staying cool and hydrated will be the name of the game to stay ahead of any heat-related illnesses.

However, with these hot & humid conditions, the potential for storms is reintroduced. The morning hours of Thursday will have the potential for strong to severe storms before a break in the middle of the day. Then potentially another around Thursday evening. Current threats with these storms are gusty winds and possible hail. Rainfall totals could top out around a quarter of an inch. Early-day storms could prevent areas east of the Excessive Heat Watch from reaching the lower 90s.

Friday will once again be hot & humid with temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s but with less of a threat of rain. Showers & storms could continue from the previous night but then taper off. A pop-up shower or storm is then possible in the afternoon.

Saturday will then cool down the region back into the lower 80s and the below-average air will take us into next week.

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