CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — With Independence Day approaching, you might have plans to be outside in the humidity more than usual. Unluckily, this weekend also has a high risk for mosquito bites.

According to OFF!‘s seven-day mosquito forecast, parts of north central are under “severe” conditions for mosquitos on July 1 and 2, with the rest of the week under a “high” risk.

Risk in your area

We’ve compiled the Friday/Saturday forecasts from at least one city from each county in north central West Virginia to give you an idea of which areas are more likely to have severe mosquitoes on July 1 and 2. However, Bridgeport and Clarksburg have different ratings those days despite them being in the same county.

To check the OFF! rating for your specific ZIP code, click here.

  • Morgantown – SEVERE
  • Bridgeport – SEVERE
  • Fairmont – Very High
  • Clarksburg – Very High
  • Weston – Very High
  • Harrisville – Very High
  • Glenville – Very High
  • Grafton – Very High
  • West Union – High
  • Kingwood – High
  • Buckhannon – High
  • Parsons – High
  • Elkins – Medium
  • Webster Springs – Medium
Mosquitoes in north central West Virginia July Fourth weekend (WBOY image)

OFF! uses three inputs to make the forecast, including climate data, mosquito population data from more than 5,000 locations and information about mosquito life cycles. “To determine accuracy, our team spent 6 years checking the model’s results against live populations, generating 33 million data points,” said OFF!’s website.

What causes severe mosquitos?

Cold kills mosquitos, so the week approaching the Fourth of July being consistently warm is not doing much mosquito prevention. The forecast for the rest of the week says that temperatures will be around 85-90 for the high, and low temperatures are not expected to drop below 75 until Sunday. Humidity will also be high with no rain to bring it down expected until Sunday.

Standing water such as puddles, ponds and even old tired are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Ahead of the weekend, take the time to empty any bodies of standing water if possible to make the mosquito population more bearable in your yard.