CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Mon Power has a program that will help clear trees in West Virginia.

There tree trimming program will help trim trees and clear vegetation along Mon Power power lines in the mountain state.

When the vegetation comes in contact with the equipment it can cause power outages in a significant way.

Mon Power Spokesman, Will Boye, explained that doing this project is the most effective way to prevent outages and reduce the frequency duration of those outages.

“Severe weather events bring down a lot of limbs and trees and we want to get out there and be proactive and do what we can to mitigate that,” said Boye.

Boye explained just by making sure that they move back vegetation and trees along their power lines will make a huge difference. He also stated that it is important for them to get out to the mountain state and trim trees since there are a lot of trees and heavily wooded areas.  

In 2021, they will clear around 5,700 miles of power lines as part of their ongoing efforts to enhance service reliability for West Virginia customers.

“That means we will touch every mile of power line in West Virginia in our service territory over those four years,” said Boye. “So, by the end of those four years, we will have trimmed around every power line in our service territory.

Mon Power encourages their customers to let them know about trees that are leaning or being a threat to power lines in their area to get out there and evaluate the problem and trim it.