CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Severe weather is the major cause of power outages in the Mountain State.

During severe weather like windstorms, thunderstorms, and snowstorms; falling limbs and trees come into contact with power lines and equipment, which makes it the largest source of power outages within Mon Power.

Mon Power has an internal system that tracks power outages across their service areas but encourages customers to notify them.

“We have a pretty robust system that tracks outages and let us know county by county what the number of outages is. That way we can deploy resources quickly to restore power as quickly as possible.” said Mike Boye, Mon Power spokesperson.

Boye explained that people can also stay updated with power outages in their area through local news stations and keeping up with watches and warnings. People can also make sure they have flashlights and bottled water stocked up along with non-perishable food items if their electricity is out for a while.