SNOWSHOE, W.Va. – The old saying goes in West Virginia – once the mountains see their first snow, six weeks later do the lowlands. According to the legend, mark your calendars for approximately six weeks from October 26th.

Snow was spotted throughout the ski slopes and the village on top of Snowshoe Mountain Tuesday afternoon.

Temperatures sunk to below-freezing levels bottoming out to a brisk 29 degrees Fahrenheit Wednesday morning at 4,848 feet above sea level.

The combination of moisture and below-freezing temperatures led to the formation of rime ice on the mountains.

Courtesy: Snowshoe Mountain

What exactly is rime ice?

Rime ice is frost that has formed on cold objects, either at around the freezing point of 32 degrees or below it, by the rapid freezing of water vapor in cloud or fog.

Rime ice usually latches onto cold surfaces that it can grow once formed, similar to tree branches, bushes, and chain-link fences.

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