CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – March 12th-14th, 1993 will always be remembered across not just the Mountain State, but across the entire eastern half of the United States of America.

On this date 29 years ago, the infamously named “Storm of the Century” ravaged through the region.

Snow totals for the "Storm of the Century" (Courtesy: NWS Charleston)
Snow totals for the “Storm of the Century” (Courtesy: NWS Charleston)

More than a foot of snow dropped over the course of three days, 29 years ago. This disabled lives and property for days – weeks for some.

Snowfall amounts from across the country on March 12-14, 1993 (Courtesy: NWS)
Snowfall amounts from across the country on March 12-14, 1993 (Courtesy: NWS)

More than two-and-a-half feet fell in some posts across Raleigh, Pocahontas, and Randolph counties – this includes Snowshoe Mountain which peaked at 44 inches, according to the National Weather Service office in Charleston, W.Va.

It also impacted areas outside of the Mountain State.

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Parts of the country as far south as Louisiana and Mississippi all the way up to Maine saw the snowy impacts of this storm, but there were other impacts as well.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information:

In addition to the snow, an estimated 15 tornadoes struck Florida, and 44 deaths were attributed to either the tornadoes or other severe weather in the state. A 12-foot storm surge also occurred in Taylor County, Florida, resulting in at least seven deaths.

The storm’s high winds were also extremely devastating, with at least 15 stations along the East Coast reporting wind gusts of 70 miles per hour or stronger. Dry Tortugas, west of Key West, Florida, recorded a wind gust of 109 miles per hour. And, Mount Washington, New Hampshire, recorded a gust of 144 miles per hour.

National Centers for Environmental Information

There were also hundreds of deaths combined from multiple states as well as millions of power outages reported. This Superstorm both directly and indirectly impacted roughly 40 percent of the United States of America’s population.

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