MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Not only is staying out of the cold important in the winter months but staying away from a cold is too.  

Experts at WVU Medicine said there are dozens of viruses that cause the common cold. Symptoms of the common cold are cough, sore throat, fever and muscle aches, which are similar to those of COVID-19. 

WVU Medicine logo at Ruby Memorial Hospital (WBOY Image)

Owen Lander, Medical Director of Emergency Department at WVU Medicine Ruby Memorial said at home, there’s not much of a way to decipher between a common cold and Covid-19. A Covid-19 test is the best way to get a sure diagnosis.  

General practices to avoid getting sick with a common cold are similar to Covid-19 guidelines. Washing your hands, wearing mask and avoiding people who are sick.  

Besides the basic remedies to ward off the common cold, Lander said taking care of ourselves is something people don’t think about when it comes to avoiding colds.  

Drug store shelves for allergy and cold medicine (Nexstar Media Wire)

“Good sleep hygiene, getting good sleep every night, being rested getting a good amount of activity in the rest of our life, eating well,” Lander said. “All of those basically feed the army that is our immune system which helps protect us so that we are less likely to get sick at all and when we do get a cold or something that tend to be less severe and last less time.”  

If you do feel something coming on, give yourself a break to rest and let your body recover. 

Even though flu rates were lower last year, Lander encouraged people to still get their flu shots this season.