CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — According to a study, West Virginia’s “perfect day of the year” is coming up later this week, but science says that might be wrong.

Based on weather data, Family Destinations Guide says that the perfect day in West Virginia in 2022 will be Friday, July 22. To come to this conclusion, the website chose the day with the most sunshine historically (July 2), the day with the best temperatures on average (Sept. 13) and the longest day of the year (June 21), and averaged them to find a single perfect day.

But does this actually find a day with the best of all three factors? Family Destinations Guide said that the perfect temperature for your body in the summer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. And according to StormTracker 12’s seven-day forecast, West Virginia’s “perfect day” will likely be very hot and humid, with a predicted high temperature of 93 degrees.

We talked to StormTracker 12 Meteorologist Josh Redwine to get a deeper look.

“I think that the ‘Perfect Day’ is very subjective and caters to people who love the summer weather,” Redwine said. “This Friday is looking great in terms of sunshine and heat. Mostly sunny conditions with temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s. However, it is going to be relatively humid.”

Redwine explained that using past data, like the story from Family Destinations Guide does, is not the only factor used in forecasting. “We use past data to help us determine our forecast, but it is not the sole factor. We have to take into account trends, fronts, pressure systems and more. We use weather models to track this data and have to take into account previous data to make our forecasts.”

If you are trying to pick the best time for your vacation, based on the weather, Redwine said if you are looking for hot and don’t min the occasional storm, July and August are probably your best months. However, if you prefer milder temperatures and calmer weather, Redwine said you might be off in October or November.

“The perfect weather for West Virginia, in my opinion, would be during late October to early November,” Redwine said. “West Virginia is known for its natural beauty, and this period of time allows you to see it in all of its glory, temperatures are beginning to cool down and severe storms are less probable, but you are still able to enjoy the crisp mountain air before the temperatures get too cold, and the leaves have fallen off all the trees.”

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Family Vacations Guide predicted that all but three states “perfect days” would be in July this year. Arizona, Florida and Hawaii’s alleged perfect days are supposed to be in August.