CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – After a cooler than average May across the Mountain State, things are about to heat up for the first weekend of June.

One more day of near-average high temperatures will be in store for north-central West Virginia on Friday as shower chances fade throughout the last day of the workweek.

Then, Mother Nature turns on the HEAT!

Temperatures will be above-average from the weekend into next week. Highs on Saturday will be in the upper 80s and then will be near 90 beginning Sunday through at least Thursday.

If we have three or more consecutive days of 90-degree or greater high temperatures, that would give us a heat wave.

This heat is brought on by a surge of warm and humid air stemming from the Gulf of Mexico.

High pressure usually brings dry and sunny conditions, but because of the humidity brought on by the warm tropical waters – a few showers and storms are possible toward the middle of next week as the dome of high pressure cracks as it is sparked by the sunshine, heat, and moisture.

Feels-like temperatures, or heat indices, are expected to be in the 90s to around 100 starting Sunday through next week.

Make sure to keep yourselves cool and hydrated during this hot and sweaty time.

Air conditioning or taking a swim helps cool people down. Also, stay hydrated, and check on neighbors, elderly, kids, and pets.

In regards to our furry friends, try to keep them off the pavement if possible during hot and sunny days.

Feel the pavement for seven seconds with the back of your hand; if it is too hot for you, it is too hot for them. Pavement temperatures could exceed 120 degrees on a hot and sunny day. In addition, make sure they keep hydrated and reduce time outside if possible as animals can often overheat.

Checking the back seat for your pets and kids to make sure they are not in a hot car is also crucial to their safety and health!

In just ten minutes, a locked car in 90-degree heat and sunshine could reach almost 110 degrees!

Make sure to be safe in this heat!

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