UPDATED 10 AM 10-28-22

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – We’re rapidly closing in on the end of the month and that means Halloween is near. This weekend will be filled with costumes and candy, but how will the weather fare?

A quick snapshot of the next 4 days. (WBOY IMAGE)

What will this weekend be like?

For the most part, dry! Though if you look over the course of the next four days, it’s a mixed bag, like a trick-or-treater’s. Friday will see temperatures back in the mid to upper 60s with gradually clearing skies in the afternoon as high pressure establishes itself in the region. Any cloud cover will clear again towards the evening and overnight & temperatures will be in the 50s and 40s in the evening before dropping to the upper 30s.

Morning lows over the next 7 days. (WBOY IMAGE)

Saturday will be the pick of the weekend as skies remain mostly sunny. Temperatures will reach highs in the mid to possibly the upper 60s. The evening will have mainly clear skies lasting into the late night hours as temperatures drop into the low 40s and mid 30s.

Sunday is when things start to look like more of a trick than a treat. We will be dry for the morning, but then clouds and chances of rain increase as a low pressure system moves in from the southwest. Showers will likely last into the evening.

How about the weather on Halloween?

As of now, it looks like candy might get a little wet on Halloween. The aforementioned low pressure system continues to move through the area with some scattered showers throughout the day. However, models are suggesting it won’t be a complete washout. Rain should fade headed into the evening. Temperatures for trick or treating will likely be similar to the days before. For the most up-to-date predictions, keep an eye on the StormTracker 12 forecast as Halloween gets closer.

GFS Model Prediction for Monday Afternoon -(WBOY IMAGE)

Going into November, above-average temperatures will be with us the first few days of the month.

Temperature Outlook into the first few days of November – (WBOY IMAGE)

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