CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – North central West Virginia has seen significant snowfall and extremely cold temperatures since the start of 2022, but how close has it been to the coldest temperatures West Virginia has ever seen?

In some places, it really has been the coldest ever! Check to see if your area is breaking cold weather records.


So far this 2021-22 winter season, Clarksburg has not seen sub-zero temperatures. On Jan. 27 of this year, had a morning low of 0° F, but that doesn’t even compare to Clarksburg’s coldest of all time which was a shocking -22° back in 1994 on Jan. 19.


The home of the Mountaineers has dropped down to 2° twice this winter season, on Jan. 22 and 27. Compared to Clarksburg, these temperatures are even farther away from beating all-time temperatures. The coldest day recorded in Morgantown was Feb. 2, 1899, when thermometers hit -25°.


Over closer to the mountains in West Virginia, Elkins tends to see slightly colder temperatures and more snow than Clarksburg and Morgantown. This winter, Elkins has endured temperatures as cold as -5° on the morning of Jan. 22. As cold as that seems, it doesn’t even touch the Elkins cold record of -28° which was set on Dec. 30, 1917.

Canaan Valley

Known for its winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, Canaan Valley in Tucker County expects and even welcomes cold temperatures during ski season. This year, it may have gotten a little colder than anyone would have bargained for. On Jan. 22, 2022, Canaan saw record-breaking temperatures and experienced its coldest ever at -31° F.

West Virginia all-time

While the record-breaking -31° in Canaan Valley might seem impossibly cold, the all-time coldest temperature recorded in West Virginia was actually in Greenbrier County. Back in 1917, Lewisburg saw temperatures bottom out at -37° on Dec. 30. In contrast, the highest temperature ever recorded in West Virginia peaked at 112° in Moorefield on Aug. 4, 1930.

Chief Meteorologist Scott Sincoff warned that some of these annual records could be tied or even broken this weekend. Keep up to date on winter weather with StormTracker 12 and 12 News.