CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Now before you freak out about that dreaded four-letter word, we won’t be seeing any falling from the sky anytime soon. Though as we turn the page toward fall and the colder months of the year it doesn’t hurt to look at when we might see the first flakes fly.

Chances of Precipitation over the next week. (WBOY)

Typically around here, we see our first measurable snowfall in December. However, snow can occur as early as October or late September! Measurable snowfall is defined by the National Weather Service (NWS) as totals of one-tenth of or more.

LocationTypical Seasonal Snowfall September (inches)October (inches)November (inches)
Tygart Dam00.10.9
Seasonal snowfall data from locations around North Central West Virginia. Courtesy: National Weather Service.

Here are some records of the earliest snowfall around our courtesy of the National Weather Service.

ClarksburgOct. 27, 1957Nov. 12, 2013 & 2019
ElkinsOct. 6, 1932 & 1935Oct. 24, 2005 & 2006
Morgantown Airport MorgantownOct. 19, 1981N/A
Morgantown Lock & Dam Morgantown Oct. 11, 1925N/A
SnowshoeSept. 30, 1993 Oct. 10, 2011
Earliest snowfall records before and after 2000, Courtesy of the National Weather Service.

A tenth of an inch of snowfall is used rather than a trace of snow is used for a specific reason.

First measurable snowfall, rather than a “trace”, is used because a thunderstorm that produces hail at the observation site would also typically be recorded as a trace of snow/frozen precip. That’s not a problem in the heart of summer, but when you get into fall, it’s less clear if it were hail or flurries (absent looking at that specific day/month’s report for details).

Francis Kredensor – Lead Meteorolgist NWS Charleston WV

As far as when we will see our first snowfall around the region, it’s still too early to tell especially with summer refusing to go out quietly. Though when the time does come, the higher elevations will likely see something before the lowlands do.

Temperatures are projected to be above average through the end of the month. -WBOY

More information on climatological snowfall data for West Virginia can be found here.

The StormTracker 12 team will keep you all posted with updates as we head into fall and then into the winter season.

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