HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Collection has announced that it is changing the way it collects day-use fees at Burnsville and Sutton lakes.

Automated fee machines, that only accept card payments, have been installed in the Riffle Run and Bulltown Day-Use areas at Burnsville and in the Bee Run and the South Abutment areas at Sutton. The machines replace cash collection boxes that were used in the past.

The move is being made to discontinue the handling, accounting, and security challenges of accepting cash, and to better align with national Corps of Engineers policy, according to a news release.

The $5 fee will remain the same as it was previously, and will be good for a full day.

After paying the fee at one of the machines, visitors will get a dated receipt the must be displayed on their vehicle’s dashboard. Park rangers will be checking vehicles to ensure that payments were made.

Riffle Run Day-Use area & Marina at Burnsville Lake

At Burnsville Lake, visitors are expected to pay the $5 fee to launch in either of the two areas, and Bulltown Beach users are also expected to pay the fee to use the beach. All vehicles parked in Bee Run and the South Abutment areas, as well as in Bulltown Beach parking lot will be expected to pay the day use fee.

Boat users have been assessed these fees since 1996 and have competed for parking and amenity usage with other visitors who were not assessed the fee, officials said.

Sutton Lake Marina

Annual Day use passes can be purchased at the fee machines for $40. Customers then have 10 days to take their Annual Pass receipt to the Sutton Lake office or the Gerald R. Freeman Campground entrance station, or to the Burnsville Lake office or the Bulltown Campground entrance station, to exchange it for a hard pass.

Annual passes, senior passes, access passes or other relevant America the Beautiful passes should also be properly displayed on the vehicle’s dash or on a rear-view mirror hanger, so they can be seen from the outside of the vehicle, officials said.

Collection of the fees will begin for the season at Sutton Lake on May 1, 2022 and at Burnsville Lake on May 16, 2022.