CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia Gold Rush will return for its fifth year on March 29 to allow anglers to catch golden rainbow trout and win prizes.

As announced by Gov. Jim Justice, the WV Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) will stock 50,000 golden rainbow trout at 62 lakes and streams around the state from March 29 to April 9.

Details about the Gold Rush can be found here.

Anglers are invited to catch any of the 50,000 golden trout being stocked

“The West Virginia Gold Rush is proof that a whole lot of good things happen when we combine a big idea with our unmatched natural resources and invite the rest of the world to come enjoy it all with us,” Gov. Justice said. “We truly have something special here in West Virginia. As someone who’s been in our pristine waters his entire life and just loves everything to do with fishing, I can say that the Gold Rush is one of the most exciting events you could be part of. I encourage everyone to get out and experience the joy of fishing in West Virginia.”

For the Gold Rush Contest, the WVDNR is giving anglers a chance to win incredible prizes.

Anglers who catch one of the stocked golden trout during the event can enter a Gold Rush Giveaway, and will be given a commemorative coin.

100 out of the 50,000 golden rainbow trout to be stocked will receive a specially numbered tag. Those who catch a tagged trout can enter the tag number online for a chance to win “a free WV lifetime fishing license, a one-night stay at a state park or forest cabin, a WV State Parks gift card, or exclusive Gold Rush merchandise.”

50,000 golden rainbow trout will be stocked at 62 lakes and streams around the state

“All it takes to get someone hooked on fishing is an exciting opportunity to catch an incredibly beautiful Golden Trout, and the Gold Rush provides just that,” said WVDNR Director Brett McMillion. “I want to thank Governor Justice for helping us promote the Gold Rush year after year and for his endless support of our state’s natural resources.”

The WVDNR will also give away free Gold Rush decals online at

Anglers 15 and older must have a WV fishing license with a current trout stamp, a valid form of identification and must also follow WV’s fishing regulations to participate in the Gold Rush. Licenses and stamps can be purchased online at

For more information about stockings and other fishing resources, visit