CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Outdoor, an adventure and travel magazine, set out to find the most affordable place to own a slice of paradise near a national park, and West Virginia won by a landslide.

According to the ranking, living near West Virginia’s only national park, the New River Gorge Park & Preserve, is about 30% cheaper than any other national park in the country.

The ranking’s author used Zillow’s research to determine that someone wanting to live in the New River Gorge area could buy a home for an average of $90,827 in Summers County or $94,633 in Fayette County. He also pointed out that small fixer-upper homes are available for closer to $50,000 in West Virginia’s “dirtbag’s paradise,” as he called it.

An abandoned structure in New River Gorge National Park & Preserve in spring 2022. The park received $1.2 million this year in Great American Outdoors Act funding to remove abandoned structures. (NRG Photo)

In fact, a run-down house about a mile from the park entrance inspired the ranking. “A few shingles and a fresh coat of paint, and that house would be as good as new, I thought. I was sure all the raccoons and opossums most assuredly living in the house now would make for great roommates. After that initial chuckle, I began to think in earnest how cool it would be to have a national park as your backyard.”

After New River Gorge, the next cheapest park area to buy a home is Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota, where a house will cost an average of $145,484.

If you have more expensive tastes, you can live near the most expensive national park, Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Due to less than 3% of the county being private land, a home in Teton County costs an average of $1.69 million—which makes a West Virginia fixer-upper sound like a steal.

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