CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — In the past week, temperatures in West Virginia have gone from below zero degrees to near 70. If you’re trying to plan a ski trip, the temperature could really affect the experience, but is it possible to get too warm, or too cold?

Ideal ski conditions are generally considered around 30 to 35 degrees—cold enough that snow doesn’t melt, but warm enough that skiers aren’t freezing. But for the most part, ski resorts will remain open as long as snow production is possible and conditions are safe. Although there is no exact cut off for temperatures being too warm, several warm days in a row might cause ski resorts to scale back operations and offer fewer routes. An unseasonably warm December in 2021 caused Snowshoe Mountain Resort to limit its routes, and Winterplace Ski Resort suspended skiing for about a week to make sure conditions were safe.

Extremely cold temperatures last week helped some West Virginia resorts open all routes, with Timberline opening 100% for the first time this season, and Snowshoe opening at least seven additional routes. But despite a wave of warm weather moving across the area, and temperatures expected to stay in the 50 and 60s for the next few days, no major West Virginia ski resorts have shut down their slopes. Winterplace posted on Facebook Friday, Dec. 30 that skiing and tubing were still happening despite temperatures near 60 degrees.

The West Virginia Snow Report on Monday said that Canaan Valley, Snowshoe Mountain, Timberline Mountain, and Winterplace all had operational slopes, with trails ranging from 23% to 91% open.

Trails can also close because it is too stormy or windy; Timberline closed for several days right before Christmas due to hazardous conditions caused by winter storm Elliott.

When in doubt about conditions, contact your go-to ski resort, but most resorts will remain open for the season until mid-March.