SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Another West Virginia state fishing record has fallen, this one a catfish, that broke the state record for weight.

On April 8, Cody Carver of Dry Branch, caught and released a blue catfish that broke the state record for weight while fishing from a boat in the Marmet Pool of the Kanawha River. He was using cut shad for bait, WVDNR officials said.

Carver’s record fish was 45.51 inches long and weighed 61.28 pounds. The previous state weight record of 59.74 pounds was held by Mark Blauvelt.

The catfish length record of 50.15 inches, held by Justin Goode still stands.

Carver’s record catch was measured by WVDNR hatchery manager Ryan Bosserman.

Just last month, a Braxton County man broke the state record for the largest musky.

Anglers who believe they may have caught a state record fish should check the current records, officials say. Procedures for reporting a record catch also are included in the regulations.