“We are incredibly humbled by the community’s continuous generosity to WVU Medicine Children’s.  The Month of Miracles helps support innovative research, cutting-edge technology and child-friendly programs and services that make the hospital more comfortable for our patients and families.  We are also excited to share about the construction of our new Hospital that will be completed this summer.  Supporters to the Month of Miracles will have a hand in building a legacy for the children and families of West Virginia.  As children continue to need specialized care we are grateful our community supports their medical journey.”

Amy Bush-Marone
Chief Operating Officer, WVU Medicine Children’s
Donations can also be mailed to:
WVU Medicine Children’s Development Office
In c/o- Month of Miracles
One Medical Center Dr.
Box 8200, Suncrest Center (VV#350)
Morgantown, WV 26506

Why we need your support:

In 2019, patients visited WVU Medicine Children’s more than 227,400 times, and our doctors performed over 9,000 pediatric surgeries.

Our mission is to see no child left untreated. That is accomplished through people like you — our generous supporters — who help us purchase lifesaving equipment, accomplish groundbreaking research and support the emotional well-being of our young patients.

We are growing WVU Medicine Children’s

The demand for pediatric services is growing at such a rapid pace that the creation of a new hospital was essential. In summer, 2021, we will complete work on our new, free-leaning, WVU Medicine Children’s hospital.

The nine-story, 150-bed WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital will include:

  • A Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, which includes a cardiovascular intensive care unit and an epilepsy monitoring unit
  • A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • A Pediatric Acute Care Unit, which includes an inpatient cancer unit
  • A Birthing Center
  • Private inpatient rooms with a window view
  • A dedicated emergency department
  • Operating rooms, cardiac catheterization, interventional radiology, and endoscopy facilities
  • A medical office building, including pediatric heart and vascular institute, blood disorder and cancer center, infusion center, and maternal-fetal medicine clinics
  • A pharmacy, pediatric imaging services, a cafeteria, and a gift shop
  • A family resource center

Together, this November, we all can help forge a brighter future for WVU Medicine Children’s, your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and the future of our state and region.

Brantly Poling, 8, is full of life, energy, and sass. He has a smile that comes from his heart, and if you ever have the chance to meet Brantly, you will quickly become his best friend.

Brantly, from Vienna, West Virginia, loves spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, and riding bikes with his little sister, Brylee. If you find him inside, he is likely playing with LEGOS® or watching YouTube. He is in the second grade and thrives in social atmospheres. He serves as the greeting committee for his school.

As active and energetic as Brantly is, he has been through a lot. He was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that results in multiple levels of damage to the nerves throughout the body. Brantly’s spinal defect, which begins at the base of his rib cage and ends at the bottom of his spine, has paralyzed him from the waist down. He also has hydrocephalus with a ventriculoperitoneal shunt that relieves pressure on his brain, Chiari 2 malformation, neurogenic bowel and bladder, tethered cord, and more. He has undergone more than 30 major surgeries; multiple invasive procedures; countless hospital stays with IVs, cathers, drains, wires, and cords; received stitches with minimal to no numbing; taken a couple ambulance rides; and broken some bones.

His family says his scars give the appearance that he is put together like patchwork. When asked how his medical conditions have affected him, Brantly answers with true spirit, “I just go with it. Some days are hard, but other times it is fun being on wheels.” And, he makes fun happen wherever he is. While spending part of his summer in the WVU Medicine Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, he hosted Nerf battles with the doctors, played pranks on his nurses, and drove his remote control truck to deliver candy around the hospital.

He is blessed with a supportive community and loves to give back for all he has been given. Brantly does not dwell on what he has been through and prefers to think of how he can help others. With a love for random acts of kindness, he enjoys paying for the take-out orders of people behind his family in restaurant lines, takes lunch or snacks to his local police and fire departments, collects toys for WVU Medicine Children’s, and holds doors for others even when it is difficult for him to open the door himself. He even helps restaurant wait staff clear tables. Overall, Brantly has a heart of gold, a love for life, and a strong will that keeps him going when things get a little tough.

Brantly is WVU Medicine Children’s 2020 Children’s Miracle Network Champion Child.

The final beam was put into place over the summer, and construction is progressing rapidly. The entire superstructure portion of the building, which is constructed above the ground level, has been completed and all of the concrete deck floors have been poured. Exterior finishes, including window glass, are currently being installed and are scheduled for completion by the end of the year.

On the inside, electrical, mechanical, life support, and low voltage infrastructure systems are being installed. We thank you for your continued commitment to the future health and potential of all of the children and women who entrust us with their care.

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